Nothing But Purple: Pillsbury Dough MIA For Photo Shoot   

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pillsbury Dough MIA For Photo Shoot

As you can see I received my Pillsbury gift basket from the many Pillsbury Gift Basket Home is Calling Campaign Contests that had run previously this month.
At first I wasn't sure what it was because the package didn't have anything Pillsbury logo on it. So when I opened it my eyes got really big. The Dough Boy was in the package but my youngest son had taken off with him some where and I wasn't able to find him for the shoot.
YAY for another cookie sheet. It will be used along with my stoneware plus that means I'll need to start baking again ASAP. My dad is apparently missing my homemade chocolate chip cookies.
So don't forget to drop by Momma Cooks Cooking for that little recipe and family fun.
Thank you to those that ran the contest. It was fun and I love recieving stuff in the mail that's not bills, don't we all.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Enjoy.


  1. The cookie sheet rocks!

    BTW, tagged:

  2. I got mine today too! My daughter loved the dough boy lol! I can always use new cookie sheets, and I thought the coupon holder was cool too. No more losing coupons! Yay!


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