Nothing But Purple: The Holiday Spirit has Begun   

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Holiday Spirit has Begun

WOOHOO! Tell me what you think... I know there's a few things missing but they'll be back once the new year has come and gone.

My kiddos are asleep, hubby is at work, dryer is running, and it's quiet finally at 10:30.



  1. I'm here via twitter!
    The layout looks great!

    I cannot WAIT for Twilight! I already have my midnight show tickets!!

  2. I just came over to tell you that your blog looks fantastic!

    Oh, and I stole your Purplicious badge, cuz I LOVE LOVE LOVE purple :-D

  3. Love the Christmas theme! I should have sent you a picture of our first Christmas tree, it was all decked out in PURPLE! LOL


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