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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Radio Talk Shows

Last night on my way home I was listening to the John Tesh show at 5pm. He was talking about the MAN FLU!! He also has a blog, The John Tech Blog. I love his voice because it almost sounds like the host that did Guiness World Records on tv.

Anyway, he had stated that men milk their sickness for all it's worth, but asked a doctor if men feel sicknesses differently than women do. The doctor, I can't take exact qoute because I'm having hard a time finding that part of the show on the website, had said that men DO NOT have different feelings from women. That it's just their way of telling their family or others around them that they are vulnerable because men are usually the strong nothing can break us down type. So when they are sick they want others to take care of them. That's all fine and dandy to me but it would be nice to have it reciprocated. For them to take care of us women, especially those of us that are MOMS!

You know who are and know what I'm talking about. So my question to you is, does your man take care of you and let you rest while he takes care of hiself and the kids?



  1. My husband is the biggest baby when he's sick!!!

  2. Hey Jess - Found you while randomly meandering the blog world, when I should be working...

    And yes, even if he just has a "headache," my husband will stay in bed pretty much all day. We've learned to work around it around here.

  3. My hubs is the biggest baby when he is sick. He will take care of me if I'm sick but I'm the type that just can't stay in bed.

  4. Mine is a HUGE baby...but he does a really terrific job taking care of me when I am sick so I can't really complain!

  5. This makes me laugh b/c my hubs is the worst! He is usually the strong silent type but when he is out!!! He complains more than my kids do! He gets the VIP treatment! But when I'M sick *I* still have to do everything! No VIP treatment for me! I'm still the one getting up to do all the housework, cooking, diapers, meds, homework, and such AND getting up with the kids when they get up in the middle of the night! Ahhh...


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