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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monday Round Up

Who doesn't like Personalized items, these wonderful place mats are up for grabs from Suzi Homemaker Personalized Gifts. I would love to have two aprons because love to help me in the kitchen.

What's that Smell?, has a few group giveaways going on. First Giant Panda From Xeko Pals and Let's Go Walking Puppy from North Star Toys get your entries in ASAP.

Rhea's take on the C word. Yes Christmas.. I agree when need to get through Thanksgiving before I, myself am in the Christmas mood. Thanks for posting that Rhea.

Big Plans gave me a GREAT idea for a wish list for the boys. Cut out magazine pictures and paste them onto a piece of construction paper.

This is not Life I ordered, Sexy Wishes. Some of the pictures cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh.

Romero Shroeder's Neighbors, how cool is that to be able to see the native monkeys in your backyard or on your house.

Tiffany was apparently let down with the Twilight movie. She does make a point, but I loved it. hehehehe I think the giggling in the theater was really because everyone KNEW what was going to be said and probably pictured already how it would play out. I for one was not let down. Like my mother said "The book must've been that predictible, if this movie is." Well yeah what do you expect from an easy read book.

Snuggies Blanket I saw the commercial for these the other day and was just like WOW, someone is giving away one of those somewhere on the blogosphere but I can't remember from where.

Here you can find out where to get FREE Downloadable Holiday Cards I'd get on that ASAP.

Take a look at these cuties and the reason they are so cute. Oh and don't forget the living room mess. LOL I feel her pain! I have a very small living room compared to hers and well it stays messy with toys from my boys bringing their toys out from their bedrooms.

Holiday Traveling with Kids. If you are doing ANY holiday traveling these tips just might save you.

Sarcastic Mom shows off her pregnant belly, I think she looks adorable!! These are her weekly winners.

Freaky hand puppets

Who wouldn't want to kiss those lips or have that messy hair.

It's nice to know that Trya Banks was able to help with this. Now, I missed the last episode of America's Next Top Model but Oh, How Lovely solved that question for me and I'm a bit surpirsed... I think I would've figure Annaleigh would've been it or Samantha, but not her.

Contests I found through Shoes from Eleven Collection, Kaia House T-shirt and Baby Lotion giveaway, Kids Holiday Cookie Making Kit, Organic Cotton Tee Shirt, Custom Painted Wall Letters giveaway, Scholastic Treasury of 20 Storybook DVD box set, Thanksgiving SWAG, and What's Inside Toy Box. Enjoy.

A quick question from Skittles.


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