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Monday, November 17, 2008

Book Review: Oscar the Pig Mommy Goes to Work

Megan Calhoun from TwitterMoms has asked for her book to be reviewed. I offered to do just that. Here is the front cover. Isn't Oscar a cute little piggie.

The starts out by introducing Oscar and his mommy. Oscar is worried about his mommy going back to work, will she come and does she still love him. Now I know a lot of moms who work outside the home have had this happen and can somewhat relate to what their child goes through when they are left at daycare or a babysitters house.

I was there once with BOTH of my boys. It hurt me more than I could ever have imagined.

Oscar's Mommy takes him to the sitters, Mrs. Tutu to meet her and to get to know her surroundings. I for one would have tried to take my child a few weeks in advance so they would get comfortable seeing this new person that was going to start being in their life. I didn't do that, but it just so happens that I was working at the daycare that my first born was placed in.

Oscar and mommy then say their goodbyes after Mrs. Tutu remembers that Oscar likes trains. Then mom is out the door with piggy kisses!

Mrs. Tutu takes Oscar's mind off of his mommy by showing him an egg. A MAGICAL EGG! How neat is that to have something magical to take a kids mind off of something. So Mrs. Tutu counts to three and POOF. They are in another country, China.

Where Oscar meets a panda named Chow Chow who has gone through what Oscar is going through. They talk, play and just have a good time being friends. Then it's time to go back to Mrs. Tutu's house where he finds his mommy waiting for him.

This book is a wonderful example of seperation anxiety. I'm sure some of us know what that is especially those that are moms and work outside the home. Seperation anxiety can happen at any age. This book is "written to appeal to preschool-aged children who are experiencing some form of separation anxiety", said by the author Megan.

I think it's happening to me because I'm not longer living with my parents and well I lived with them for a long time. I've been out of the house for about three and half years and I still don't feel safe in my own home.

I do see my parents every now and then and especially on the holidays. I only live about five minutes from them.

Here is a little bit more about the book and where you can buy it at. Megan Calhoun the author of Oscar the Pig and many other that will follow in the series offers it on for 16-18 dollars or Oscar the Pig. Megan also runs a site called TwitterMoms. The book is being published by Silly String Media. You can also visit Megan over at


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  1. I am always looking for new books for my kids, this one looks so cute! I will have to order one. Thanks!


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