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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Shoes

Gam Gam, MIL, bought the boys new shoes today. Both Nikes of course. They both grew about 1.5 size since summer. LOL Crazy really it is. Growing up way too fast. They did need them with this colder weather and they TIE. THANK YOU! I didn't like the velcor ones. After wearing them for so long they tend to get really stretched out and loose.

Be here tomorrow for a contest for a Team Edward Bracelet!! Then Thursday Jenna of Love of Baby Online has donated a gift certificate for some soaps from her.

Other news, my recipe blog has been asked to be feature on Food Buzz! I'm excited even though there's not A LOT of content there. I'm wokring on it though. I love cooking and sharing recipes. There will be a little treat over there as Christmas gets closer. So check it out some time.

Ok well I need to take care of my eye and go to bed. UGH I swear I wish I could get rid of this dog! Barks at just about anything really irritating when you have kiddos asleep, but they both sleep through just about anything.

Oh Friday my carpet is getting CLEANED and my mommy is paying for it!! I LOVE HER! She has been nothing but awesome to me since I moved out of the house.

Well I'm off to bed.


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  1. SHUT UP! You lucky girl! I want my carpets cleaned too! I'm so jealous! Mine are terrible! With three kids and a dog and a husband with no manners or cleaning abilities I'm sure you can imagine what my carpet looks like! Ugg...


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