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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Three Years in a Row

Hubs has done all of the Christmas shopping. I feel so bad. I mean I know he buys stuff that is from both of us but man I would really love to shopping for them one year either by myself or together.

I think though this year ALL but two a piece will be from SANTA. The last few years I've always written my name or hubs' name on the tags and I need to stop or they wont really believe. That would just suck.

Believing is the best part. The expression on their faces Christmas morning. What I would give to have those days back. Don't you ever wish that you could be a carefree kid again? I do and I think it's getting worse as I get older and the kids get older

I just started going through a really rough patch right now and well it all stems from one particular incident, that I'll bore you with a bit later. I know I should be excited for the boys but it's hard for me for some weird reason. I've had to deal with some much these last three and half years that it's hitting hard.

Hard enough for me to go to the doctor and ask for help. Needless I am feeling a bit more like myself but some of the movies still get me crying. Hubs WONT understand and wont really care how I feel. He brushes it off and says "Just deal with it." Well yanno what I'm trying and YOU'RE NOT HELPING ANY. I just want him to LISTEN and not say a damn word.

There is a bit of good news though and I'm proud of it! He is taking the necessary steps to apply to college. He wants to go into welding. Not sure if I like it because he'll have to go where the jobs are and that will probably mean MOVING or him being gone ALL THE TIME! Not fun for me because he's already not at home at nights and then he sleeps during the day so it's hard to get any time with.. I WOULD GO ABSOLUTELY NUTS!

Well I think I'm finished for now, how do you like my new signature!! Vanessa of Paperback Designs did it. Thank you Vanessa for sponsoring the party and making my signature.



  1. Today, DH and I are going shopping TOGETHER for the first time, lol. We are set to head out in about 2 hours. I got MY grandparents (they're quite young to be the kids' great grandparents) to take Ian overnight so I could do this. We are taking the baby but he'll just be hanging out in the Moby Wrap.

    I wish you the best Jess, and hope that whatever you are dealing with comes to a head so you can feel better. :) :)

  2. I love the siggy. And :woot: for applying to college. I used to work with a company that hired welders... good ones are really in demand so that rocks. Have him check out now or later.

  3. Oooh I do love the new siggy, Jess! Cute!
    I am glad you saw the doctor and that you are feeling a bit more like yourself! I have a little prescription that helps me with that, too. :-D

  4. As a person who had to get some help herself, there is NO shame. Recognizing you know something is not quite right is one of the greatest accomplishments you could have made!

    Chin up. It always works out and no need to feel bad for however the success happens!

    Love ya!


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