Nothing But Purple: WOW Coming up on my 400th post!!   

Monday, November 24, 2008

WOW Coming up on my 400th post!!

A little neat really... because it's during my Holiday Blog Party, go figure and I never thought I'd make it to that high of a number.

Anyway.... I wanted to share the pictures of the necklace and magents I wont from Toni during her Twilight Extravaganza.
Not the best of pictures, those were taken with a Kodak camera! NOT MINE! My JVC POS doesn't take that good of pictures either. Fingers Crossed I get this little dahling for Christmas. Fingers Crossed again that I get all FOUR books in the Twilight Series for Christmas!! Those are the only things I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!! LOL
Does anyone have any of the Baby Einstein DVD's? My Boys loves this one that we have it's the Lanuage Nursery. Keeps them quite entertained. James is saying some of the sounds/words that he hears. Connor also tries to the say them as well.
I know this post is kind of everywhere but well I want to just have some content here. LOL
GNO, Girls Night Out has Started on Twitter. is the place to RSVP and when you are on twitter just add #GNO to your tweet. Those that are in the conversation will see it and follow you. Enjoy the conversations, tonights subject is Black Friday, BF.



  1. Those are some very nice prizes. I love the holiday look of your blog.

  2. Hey Jessica! My boys like Baby Einstein too. Conner's fav is Baby Wordsworth. He likes the sign language and knows more than I do, LOL. Parker likes the Shapes one and Baby Noah with all the animals. Cute stuff from Toni!! This is heatherL from AMP, there are lot's of heathers out there! Great blog!

  3. Tara @ Tattoo MommaNovember 24, 2008 at 6:52 PM

    I love the bottle cap necklace! Very cute and creative! Very cool winning.

  4. Your little ones may also enjoy Signing Time or Baby Signing Time DVDs - they are wonderful! Have a look at the store area of


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  5. Thats great Jess!!!

  6. Those are GREAT! Woo Hoo!

  7. Congrats Jess, you won my Pillsbury Home is Calling giveaway!!

    Please send your address to so I can forward it to the sponsor.

    You have 48 hrs to respond.


  8. Fun holiday spirit going on at your blog!


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