Nothing But Purple: Monday Round Up   

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monday Round Up

The Peaches are 16months old, go say HI! I'm sure they'll love you back. The Peaches a year ago they are so adorable.

Puddles are better than toys.

Christmas list already started!! She can't wait to start buying neither can I.

Forty and still partying like a ROCKSTAR.

5M4M's Christmas Giveaway, Multiple Moms Rocks.
Under the Tree Banner

All About Kimberly is starting a new Sunday Meme called Sunday Smiles.

Attack of the Redneck Mommy has just a little too much information to share. But OH SO HILARIOUS, because I can relate to her.

Would you try gender selecting your next child? A question from Audrey. I would not, I have two boys and love them both equally and differently. If I'm meant to have three boys like the pencil test said then so be it, but I will try for a girl when the time is right and I've convinced hubby.

Bloggy Giveaways One Step Ahead Giveaway

Cute little fingers puppets for the festivities that are to come.

How one mommy weaned her baby at 11 months old.

Ten Pet Peeve's from Kat at Mama's Losin' It

Gorgeous fall in Tennessee

Here's a Mabel Labels Giveaway!!! Ends November 18th get your entries in soon.

Autumn Walks! Such a beautiful photograph.

Another World of Warcraft lover! I could not believe it when I read it in my reader so I have to go check it out and leave a comment!

Ever have deja vu, check out spokesNspin.

Little Photo Story about a love for a dog. I'd love to have a lab or retriever or something a bit more relaxed than the pit/boxer mix that we have.

A mother of Quads needs some help getting ideas for a first birthday party. A 20$ gift card to either Target or Starbucks is being offered!

Caption This and win a 30$ gift card to target.

Need a laugh well here ya go!!

Thanksgiving Centerpieces, need an idea look there and you'll find something, table settings too.

Now here's a boy who knows how to help his momma out with the cleaning.

A Daily Does Of Toni has started her Twilight Extravaganza, here's number one, number two, number three. Head on over for some more giveaways before the movie comes out to theater. I know I'm going, are you?

A white dog gives birth to SIX BLACK PUPPIES!

Thread anyone!! LOL

A deer sticking to peoples lawns.

Mom to THREE Angels is having her first blog party, go grab a button and join in on the fun.

Ittles, Dimples, and Dentures OH MY, this is hilarious!!

Poop is apparently a hot dog.

And that concludes my weekend reading! Have fun I know I did.



  1. I love your Monday Roundup! Cute!

    And love your Christmas Look!

  2. thanks for the shout out! you rock :)

  3. thanks for including me!

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  5. Ooh - will have to check some of these out!


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