Nothing But Purple: Sunday Smiles 1st Edition   

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunday Smiles 1st Edition

James was already in the crib awake from his nap and Connor had CLIMBED IN IT! Of course they both thought it was hilarious so I had to go grab my camera and when I got back they were done laughing and giggling. This was taken last summer, Connor is about to turn two and James was about 6-10months old.

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  1. I'm not participating in this meme. In fact I hardly blog anymore except in spurts like today. I don't even usually visit people who visit ME anymore. I'm such a bad bad blogger these days!

    It's WoW. Yep. That's why I came to see you. LOL! How did you ever mange to break away from it? You know there's a new expansion coming out, right?

    My DIL (listed on my sidebar) and my son got me and my husband hooked over a year ago. One of my blogging buddies Shannon (also on the sidebar) also plays a lot.

    So anyway.. I just wanted to come say hi. :)

  2. How cute is that? My boys used to do that, too!

  3. How Cute...I have twin brothers (now 19) and have some crib pictures that were so cute too. This definitely brought a smile to my face. :)

  4. That's so sweet.

  5. Your boys are so cute! I'm sure they make you smile all the time.


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