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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I ROCK Because!

A Womb at the Innsane is giving away a necklace that say "Queen of Freaking Everything". I need something like that. BloggyMommy has tagged me with this. So I will give you 13 reasons why I rock.

Here are my 13 reasons

*I had two kids within 15 months and 4days

*I graduated with an associates before I was 21

*I stayed home for a year and a half

*I'm a wonderful baker

*I'm a caring mother

*I'm a loving sister

*I'm a sensitive daughter

*I'm a great friend

*I've been told that I have a great ass, yeah well not from a video that was taken.. LOL

*I put up with a husband that doesn't really understand me sometimes.

*I potty trained my first son before he started preschool this past August.

*I'm proud of my two boys, Connor and James.

I will now tag a few other bloggers.




  1. Glad to see you did it too! I think Kadi already gave the prize necklace away though. But it was great to see your reasons why you rock! :)

  2. I'm still stuck on the 2 kids in 15 months part. Hello, wonderwoman!!

  3. You go girl!! Thanks for the tag - I hope to have it up soon!


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