Nothing But Purple: My new LOVE!!   

Monday, November 17, 2008

My new LOVE!!

Isn't she a beaut!! Hubs had three chances this year to get me a new camera. He has one last chance and that's Christmas or I'll be going out and buying her myself. He apparently knows they sell them, but I am hoping for this one because the others that I saw on the site where either to bright of a purple or too light of a purple and this Canon 10 megapixels is just right.
I found her at and she's the only thing I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS and at 179 dollars I'm sure he'd be able to get it for me. hehehe Wishful thinking over here. Now I AM excited for Christmas and looking forward to it.
This morning Connor was talking to me about camera's and he said "There's a purple one at walmart," with his hands out stretched. It was too cute and then hubby told me they had them on the website so I looked and I found, her Purplicious. MWAH Can't wait to get to hold her.
Is there something that you are hoping to get for Christmas whether it's from the parents or your hubby or your boyfriend or your kids?



  1. Looks like a fab. camera. Thanks for stoping by I love that even your cameras are purple!

  2. What a cute camera! Just keep dropping hints, or you can go get it, wrap it up, and tell hubby you shopped for yourself to save him the trouble!

  3. i hope you get it! thats nice.
    im hoping i get my winter coat ive been wanting for 3 years! lol

  4. Oooh I think I want that same camera! Pretty!!!

    I also want a Flip video camera!

  5. Ooh - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

  6. wow! that is beautiful! i love the purple! and i want to have a new camera.. now i'm jealous. haha.. Advance Merry Christmas! :)

  7. That is a cool camera. Good luck!

  8. Cool camera! And it's a Canon. My husband's Canon Powershot does great! I use it for indoor shots a lot because my Fuji wants too much light.

  9. Amanda, my JVC wants what your Fuji wants as well and I hate taking indoor pictures, sometimes outdoor pictures too.

    Thanks Purpleworm.

    Kristin purple is my thing, inbetween!!


    Jenni I'd like to try one of those Flip video cameras looks really neat.


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